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Personalized Nutrition

Your genes and metabolism are as unique as your fingerprint. There is no one size fits all diet. Finding out which foods work for your body will give you the food freedom you have been searching for. When you eat for your genes and nutrition type, you will experience consistent positive energy. You will feel satisfied after meals and go hours without food between meals because the food choices you have made have sustained you. You will be once and for all FREE from cravings, your mood will stabilize & brain fog will dissipate and disappear. 

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The Science

Making the right nutrition and lifestyle choices can be super confusing!  Our goal is to help you take control of your well-being by understanding what your body needs to feel its best based on your unique genetic code.  Let us take the guesswork out of what optimal nutrition looks like for your body by providing you with the plan, structure, and support you need to have food freedom. Our differences are what define us, so let’s celebrate those differences in all aspects of our life - from our vitamin intake to how much coffee we drink to what we eat!

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What is APOE?

  • APOE is a gene that codes the protein apolipoprotein E (APOE) and it plays a significant role in how we metabolize and transport fat, cholesterol, and fat-soluble vitamins.  Since APOE is a gene, you can determine your genotype by doing a simple genetic test.Just like all genes, we get an allele from our mother and the other from our father to make up our genotype.  Think about the sex genes, for example, males are XY and females are XX, one from each parent.  TheAPOE expresses itself in the same way.

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 Eating for your Genes

Have you ever wondered why people eat everything and anything when it comes to food and Macronutrients?? Yet in the animal kingdom, animals listen to their genes and eat what is best for them.  In this program you will find out if you are a Tiger (Carnivore) Bear (Omnivore) or Deer (Herbivore) and what you can to do to maximize your food type to turn off chronic disease and prevent even worse ones!

Your Doctor

Your doctor practices functional and lifestyle medicine in addition to their other specialties. They have mastered the art of educating people as a means of creating healthier, more vibrant and happier individuals.  Your doctor has referred you her to help motivate you and teach you  to make a better-informed choice about your health. 

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