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Dr. Julie McLaughlin has helped tens of thousands of people improve their health and lives through her clinic, McLaughlin Care, ebooks, teaching and public speaking. 

She has 30 years of clinical practice. Earning 2 B.S. degrees, majoring in biology, nutrition and chemistry, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Continued education of 300+ diplomate hours in nutrition and internal medicine, 600+ diplomate hours in acupuncture, 30+ course certification from advanced laboratory studies, gluten sensitivity training, therapeutic lifestyle medicine, applied clinical nutrition to currently completing brain health coaching certification with the Amen clinic and the nationally known IFM program.

Dr. Julie McLaughlin is one of the Midwest’s most sought-after wellness doctors.  She is known for treating celebrities, elite athletes, local entrepreneurs, business people, students and entire families help them live a pain-free, healthy lifestyle. She is also a chiropractor, acupuncturist, functional medicine practitioner, educator, speaker, author of 9 ebooks and CEO of McLaughlin Care, Vital Health Protocols, Online VHP and Project Selfy.  Dr. McLaughlin educates her community with 24+ speaking events per year on topics of functional wellness and lifestyle medicine.  She organizes and speaks at events with her local small businesses by creating power partners for events like Woman in Transformation, Beauty Brains and Brawn, Empowering Woman, City employees, police and firefighters, financial institutions and is even on the Board of Directors of the Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce.

 She has a passion for teaching Chiropractors functional wellness. 

Dr. McLaughlin created Vital Health Protocols and Online VHP. On this platform, she teaches a simple, do-level approach that allows complex information to be transformed into a quickly delivered, turn-key system of functional wellness that can be implemented into an existing practice. As a consultant for Boston Heart Diagnostics Labs, she focuses on the interpretation of advance lab markers with protocols in functional wellness to predict, prevent and personalize treatment plans for patients. For this very reason, she is well loved and sought after by her colleagues.

Dr. Julie McLaughlin is a physician’s platform speaker for Xymogen, Metagenics, Chiro Secure, Yes to Success, Vital Health Protocols and Boston Heart Diagnostics Lab.


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