Personalized Nutrition

Your genes and metabolism are as unique as your fingerprint. There is no one size fits all diet. Finding out which foods work for your body will give you the food freedom you have been searching for. When you eat for your genes and nutrition type, you will experience consistent positive energy. You will feel satisfied after meals and go hours without food between meals because the food choices you have made have sustained you. You will be once and for all FREE from cravings, your mood will stabilize & brain fog will dissipate and disappear.

Eating to your metabolic type will not just help you control your weight and look good, it is also about creating optimal health.  APOE is one of your genetic markers that determines your susceptibility to certain diseases or conditions. According to the American Heart Association's Scientific Conference on Nutrition, genotyping can help guide nutrients that are best suited for each individual. This is personalized, functional medicine at it's best.

There are two ways we can determine your metabolic type.  The recommended and definitive guide to determining it is a lab test or saliva genetic testing that will provide us with your unique body metrics.  The other option is to take our comprehensive questionnaire that helps to determine how your body responds to food and which general metabolic group you best fit into.


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